1. Ray Hayes and Samir Saraiya at Erofame 2014

      The UK's most popular online sex toy retailer, Lovehoney, has inked a deal with India’s Digital E-Life for the exclusive distribution of its Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection.

      The Official Pleasure Collection includes a range of handcuffs, restraints, anal beads, and blindfolds as well as a tease feather tickler, spankers, floggers and more for an erotic experience as depicted in the books. The sex toy and bondage collection has been extremely popular around the world particularly in the lead up to the film, which is released in February 2015.

      Digital E-Life has pioneered the erotic and sexual wellness products market in India. Their philosophy is to introduce quality products from the world's leading international brands and to cater to the demands of over 1.2 billion Indians.

      The e-tailer launched Thatspersonal.com, India's first erotic product e-commerce portal and also distributes its products across the top 20 e-commerce portals in India such as Amazon, Ebay, and Snapdeals, as well as offline through partnerships with select retailers.

      Lovehoney reveals exclusive with Fun Factory's Share Vibe

      Lovehoney have unveiled a six week UK exclusive with Fun Factory for the revolutionary new vibrating double dildo: ShareVibe. The first strap-on with a multispeed rechargeable bullet, this unique toy is ideal for couples where both partners enjoy penetration.

      Made of 100% medical grade silicone, the ShareVibe is much more flexible than traditional strap-ons, making it the perfect double dildo for pegging or lesbian sex. ShareVibe bends seamlessly according to the movement of the wearer, meaning that almost all sex positions are possible.

      What really sets this toy apart, though, is its powerful removeable bullet vibrator. With five speeds and patterns, the bullet is rechargeable via USB and 100% waterproof.

      The powerful bullet sends deep, rumbling vibrations along the entire length of the toy and delivers intense external stimulation via the clitoral stimulator.

      Using Fun Factory's Click'n'Charge technology, a strong magnet connects the toy to the charger and allows the ShareVibe to be 100% waterproof - perfect for using in a romantic bath or shower.

      Down the Rabbit Hole...

      The world's biggest study of sex toy sales has been published. Researcher Jon Millward analysed one million sales at sex toy firm Lovehoney over a five month period "to shed light on people's sex lives in a way that's never been done before."

      His findings shatter the myth that most sex toys are bought by young, single women - in fact, sales were split evenly between the sexes, and 75% of female purchasers were in a relationship and an even higher 79% of male purchasers were attached.

      Millward, known as the Ideas Detective, specialises in finding funny quirky data and inventive ways to help people picture the data.

      Data came from the UK's biggest online sex toy retailer, Lovehoney.co.uk, and is quirkily named, 'Down The Rabbit Hole: What One Million Sex Toy Sales Reveal About Our Erotic Tastes, Kinks and Desires'.

      Click here to read the full study by Jon Millward.

      Sexpression UK and Lovehoney

      The UK’s biggest online sex toy retailer, Lovehoney.co.uk, has teamed up with sex education charity Sexpression to make sex education more accessible to young people in Britain.

      Sexpression is a national organisation with 27 branches across the UK, whose goal is to create ‘a society in which young people are able to access reliable information about relationships, sex and sexuality’.

      Lovehoney, also known as the Sexual Happiness People, sets aside a percentage of profits every year to support sex-positive charities, and first became involved with Sexpression in March this year.

      The sex toy retailer has helped both the Exeter and King’s College London branches of Sexpression, providing resources for volunteers and events. Lovehoney has also donated £1,000 towards the charity’s National Conference, held in Leicester on November 1st and 2nd.

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