1. Sophie Payne Fifty Shades of Grey Competition Winner Paris

      The UK’s biggest online sex toy firm, Lovehoney, has sent three couples to their choice of European city for a Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired weekend.

      The couples were picked at random after taking part in Lovehoney’s European Bondage Survey last year.

      It was the biggest survey of its kind, racking up over 9,000 responses from people all over Europe.

      The winners were Gregers Ebert from Norway, who took his wife to Celle, Germany, Sophie Payne from England, who took her boyfriend to Paris, France (see picture) and Mandy Richards from England, who took her husband to Edinburgh, Scotland.

      Mandy and her husband Paul were in disbelief when they discovered they had won a trip to a European city of their choice. Winner Paul said: “I remember going back to the website just to check it was real. I think I am still a little shocked I won, even now.”

      He continued: “Edinburgh is the most beautiful city to visit leading up to Christmas, with the German street market and ice skating rinks to explore. We’ve visited many times before, but this trip was special!”

      Lovehoney By Numbers

      Lovehoney has published its 100,000th sex toy review - 10 years after the first one was posted.

      The UK's biggest online adult retailer has built up what it believes is the world's biggest database of sex product reviews. It now features 700 new reviews each week - 66% of which are written by women.

      The first review was published on 3rd October 2005 and was written by Zoe Margolis, who later found fame as the author of the sex blog, Girl With A One-Track Mind, which was turned into a highly successful book.

      Writing as 'The Girl', she gave five stars to the Rock Chick G-Spot Vibrator, saying: "This toy is the real McCoy; nothing I have ever used comes close to it."

      Ten years on, Lovehoney still sells the toy which has attracted a further 104 reviews.

      The 100,000th review was written by administrator Chelsea Keedy, 21, who gave a five-star review to Lovehoney's Powerful Mini G-Spot Vibrator which she had enjoyed with her boyfriend.

      Lovehoney draws on the experiences of more than 85,000 community members who share their views of toys on its website and win discounts for customer loyalty.

      Fifty Shades of Grey Book Cover

      Fifty Shades of Grey has powered to the top of the social media charts in the same way that it dominated the box office.

      Research from digital advertising firm Pixability reveals that Fifty Shades of Grey material had more than 329 million views on social media in the run up to Valentine's Day.

      The Official Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailers and advertisements garnered more than 113 million views on YouTube. Speaking in an interview with Variety Magazine, Pixability's Chief Technology Officer Andrea Goeldi said: "It's the most successful launch from a trailer-view perspective in some time."

      Fifty Shades of Grey also enjoyed 3 million likes and 2.1 million shares on Facebook.

      This kind of exposure on social media combined with record-breaking box office figures and unprecedented book sales has cemented Fifty Shades of Grey as a credible brand, instantly recognisable to people all around the world.

      Official Pleasure Collection on Access Hollywood Live

      The Official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection has enjoyed a mainstream media blitz unprecedented for the adult industry.

      The range, manufactured by Lovehoney and personally approved by E L James, has been featured repeatedly by leading global media outlets on TV, online and in print.

      With the movie dominating the international box office with a record-breaking opening weekend, the Official Fifty Shades of Grey products are in demand worldwide.

      In the US, NBC’s Access Hollywood Live featured the range in a two-minute “Fifty Shades for Rookies” segment telling viewers how to give their Valentine’s date night a “Fifty Shades of Pleasure” make-over, while CBS’s The Insider explored how couples could recreate what they see on screen in Christian Grey’s Red Room using the Official Pleasure Collection.

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