Our Brands

Our Brands

From options beginners at pocket-friendly prices to premium products at the cutting-edge of technology, our brands offer something for everyone.


With over 20 years of experience, Lovehoney is the most-loved specialist retailer in the UK. Designed and developed in-house by a team of experts with decades of experience, Lovehoney’s wide range of products ensure our customers are always satisfied.


What makes Womanizer products so unique? Every Womanizer is equipped with our patented technology. A revolutionary idea that changed the category, our patented technology creates an entirely new kind of feeling.


We-Vibe offers ultra-premium lifestyle products designed for couples. Our engineers and industrial designers work closely with experts and consumers to create and develop products that work in sync with the human body.


Founded over 10 years ago, amorana is the #1 specialist retailer in Switzerland. Our super fast shipping, discreet packaging and enviable returns policy, combined with amorana’s wide range of products, ensures our customers are always satisfied.