• 67% of women have yet to experience a G-spot Orgasm!

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    Tracey Cox G-Spot Orgasm Kit When it comes to sexual pleasure, finding the G-spot appears to be the Holy Grail for women across the UK. Although 80% believe that the G-spot exists, 67% of women have yet to experience a G-spot orgasm.

    Research by Lovehoney.co.uk for TV sex expert Tracey Cox also found the desire to discover the G-spot is remarkably high. 50% asked their partner to help them in their quest, 23% tried both alone and with a partner and 17% set out on solo explorations. Ninety percent would happily use a sex aid to help them achieve G-spot orgasms - but 10% would be too embarrassed to ask for advice on the issue.

    With this in mind, Tracey Cox has launched the supersex G-Spot Orgasm Kit - featuring a single speed curved vibrator, specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot, water based supersex Love Lube and a supersex G-spot orgasm guide."Opinion divides on whether there is a universal pleasure spot that's the same on all women, but here's absolutely no doubt that most women find stimulation of the front vaginal wall extraordinarily exciting," says Tracey. "The supersex G-Spot Orgasm Kit helps you to explore this ultra sensitive area and up your orgasm quota."

    From the 1500 people questioned, those who have achieved G-spot success were thrilled with the results. "G-spot orgasms are intense and promote intimacy in our relationship," said one respondent. "It's an amazing-I-never-want-it-to-stop feeling,' said another. 'Mind-blowing' and 'Absolutely incredible', were other enthusiastic descriptions of what a G-spot orgasm felt like.

    Tracey launched her first supersex products last year and is now expanding the range. As well as the G-spot orgasm kit, new additions include a mini-rabbit vibrator, an anal beginners kitand three lubricants.

    Like all products in the new Tracey Cox supersex range, the G-spot orgasm kit been carefully selected to enhance the sex lives of both singles and couples and to reflect our changing sexual attitudes.

    Combining superior quality with style, fun and affordability, the aim of the supersex range is to provide couples with the ability and confidence to be more adventurous and to encourage the all-important variety needed to keep sex good long-term, says Tracey.

    Beautifully packaged and perfect for Valentine's Day, the Tracey Cox supersex range is available exclusively from www.Lovehoney.co.uk and www.TraceyCoxShop.com.

    Full survey results are available online at: G-Spot Secrets Revealed

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