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    UK Sex mapWelcome to the UK Sex Map, your interactive online guide to the nation's sexy shopping habits!

    If you've ever wanted to know where Britain's naughtiest consumers live, what they spend their money on and whether they include your friends and neighbours, you can now find all the answers - and so much more - on the UK Sex Map.

    Updated every month, the map contains endless sex facts and stats and is the perfect place to discover hot information and the very latest sexy trends.

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    Revealed: The Sexiest Town In Britain

    The new UK Sex Map shows who spends the most on sex

    A new interactive sex map reveals today that Upminster is Britain's sexiest town. The UK Sex Map shows that adults in the Essex town spend £70.93 a year on their sex lives - an incredible 11 times the national average.

    The online UK Sex Map - available at www.uksexmap.co.uk - also reveals that:

    • Brits spend a staggering £315 million each year on saucy lingerie, adult toys and sexy gifts.
    • Adults spend an average of £6.57 on their sex lives every year - nearly 10 times more than the 69p per person we spend on the Royal Family.
    • Upminster is also the kinkiest town in Britain, spending 15 times the national average on kinky bondage gear.

    Other top places where residents like to spice up their sex lives include Durham in the north east and Bangor in Northern Ireland.

    "I'm not surprised at all that people are spending up big on sex toys given the current economic climate," says sex expert and author Tracey Cox. "If you can't afford to go out, there's only so much telly you can watch! It's a positive thing for relationships - it shows an openness and willingness to make an effort to try new things."

    The UK Sex Map website was developed by online retailer Lovehoney to uncover the nation's sexy shopping habits. Visitors to the site can search for their town to see how much the people there spend on their sex lives, and can compare their town with nearby rivals.

    Not everyone is interested in sex, though. Caledon in Northern Ireland has the dubious honour of being Britain's least sexy town - people there spend just a fifth of the national average on their sex lives.

    How much does your town spend on sex? Who spends the most on condoms? Does the Manchester / Chelsea rivalry extend to sex as well as football? Find out on the UK Sex Map!


    Please visit the UK Sex Map FAQ for a full methodology.

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