• Lovehoney Unveils UK Exclusive with TENGA's First Female Vibrator

    by Lovehoney on 25 June 2013

    iroha by TENGA - new clitoral vibrators exclusive to LovehoneyTENGA is a name synonymous with pioneers of male pleasure, and Lovehoney are excited to announce that the best-selling brand have now launched their debut collection of sex toys designed specifically for women, by women.

    The iroha collection is a product of TENGA's quest to redefine pleasure for women, and each vibrator offers a unique, powerful and innovative form of intimate stimulation.

    The trio of palm-sized vibrators consists of the Yuki, Sakura and Midori luxury vibrators – which are being hailed as a "new beginning in pleasure for women".

    Crafted from unique Soft Touch silicone, these discreet pleasure products have to be felt to be believed.

    Having taken Japan by storm, the beautifully designed iroha toys have been welcomed to Lovehoney's collection of luxury vibrators for women, and are now available exclusively in the UK at Lovehoney.co.uk.

    Midori iroha


    (full name Hanamidori)

    Meaning watermelon in Japanese.

    The smooth, rounded fruit inspires the luxury vibrator's fresh green colour. Its natural pebble-like shape features a rounded tip and curvaceous body that sits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

    Ideal for intimate stimulation and sensual couple's massage.

    Sakura irohaSakura

    (full name Hinazakura)

    Meaning Japanese flower.

    This delicate clitoral vibrator's shape and soft pink hue is inspired by the colour and shape of a cherry blossom, Japan's most iconic flower.

    The inverted tip is perfectly shaped to envelop the clitoris for amazing stimulation.

    Yuki irohaYuki

    (full name Yukidaruma)

    Translating as snowman from Japanese.

    The inspiration from Japanese language materialises through the toy's shape and pure white colour.

    The rounded head and full body lends itself to shallow internal massage and full-body caresses.

    Each iroha is made from unique Soft Touch silicone which is smooth, supple and squidgy in texture and feels completely natural against your skin and sensitive spots. Combine this with the quiet-yet-powerful vibrations and beautifully sculpted shapes to enjoy a delectable experience like no other in the world of sex toys for women.

    The revolutionary toys have already received rave reviews, with one reviewer describing them as "the sex toys of the future.” Designed for sensual clitoral stimulation and intimate massages, reviewers have also reported excellent feedback from their male partners.

    Iroha are available exclusively for the next three months in the UK from Lovehoney – Britain's biggest online sex toy retailer.