• Sound-Activated Orgasms? Lovehoney Reveals UK Exclusive with Nalone's Futuristic Sex Toy Range

    by Lovehoney on 10 September 2013

    Lovehoney unveil new Nalone range!

    Lovehoney have announced a one month UK exclusive with luxury sex toy brand Nalone, whose range of interactive products are being hailed as ‘the next level of sex toy tech’.

    The range of 9 interactive toys from Nalone makes use of the latest touch and sound activated technology and even features an electro sex wand.

    The Pulse and Rhythm vibrators feature in-built microphones which respond to even the tiniest sound waves – bringing a whole new meaning to ‘dirty talk’.

    The range also includes two vibrators which make use of touch-activation technology. The Touch and the Curve work through a closed-circuit mechanism, only vibrating when the circuit is complete.

    Unlike standard vibrators, this allows the user (or their partner) to be in complete control of the speed and frequency of the vibrations rather than relying on pre-set patterns.

    Standing out in the collection is a powerful rechargeable bodywand with in-built electro-sex technology.

    As well as vibrating at both ends, the Nalone Electro offers three intensities of electric current at the tip. This delivers a mild shock and causes the muscles to contract, adding an extra level of stimulation and enhancing orgasm.

    Previously deemed ‘hardcore’, Nalone’s gentle introduction to electro sex is one of the first sex toys to offer the classic wand design with all the power and some extra kink.

    The Nalone range, which is USB rechargeable and waterproof, is striking in bright pink and comes gift-ready in satin lined boxes. The collection also includes remote controlled vibrating kegel balls, a micro bullet vibrator, a miniature metal wand vibratorand a 10 function metal bullet.

    The Nalone range is exclusive to Lovehoney.co.uk for the next month.