• Lovehoney to Turn On Viewers with Six Part Documentary

    by Lovehoney on 28 February 2014 9 comments  |  Add a comment

    Frisky Business hits our screens on March 26.

    The UK's biggest online sex toy retailer, Lovehoney, is the latest retailer to take centre-stage in a TV series.

    A six part fly-on-the-wall documentary named Frisky Business is set to debut next month.

    The series airs on Lifetime from March 26 and follows life inside the Bath-based retailer, carrying the tagline “meet the team turning Britain on”.

    The exclusive series takes an entertaining look at the company’s inner workings, showcasing the eclectic array of employees who work for the business.

    Frisky Business follows the success of Lovehoney’s one-off Channel 4 documentary More Sex Please, We’re British, which aired in 2012.

    Broadcasters have discovered that retailers are a big draw for viewers, who have tuned in to see shopfloor fiascos and the inner workings of some of the UK’s best- known businesses.

    Lovehoney joins a throng of retailers grabbing airtime on the small screen, having recorded a leap in full-year profits from £750,000 to £2.25m in its year to March 31. Sales soared £8m to £23.6m as the retailerbenefited from demand for its exclusive Fifty Shades of Grey licensed range and increasing public acceptance of sex toys.

    Frisky Business premieres on Lifetime® (Sky 156 / Virgin 242) on Wednesday 26 March at 10pm.

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    • lynn: April 20, 2014 09:13
      When will the competition winning vibrating rimming butt plug go on sale? Thanks L
    • Adlai: August 13, 2014 18:47
      I am also curious about the rimming butt plug
    • sandy: May 05, 2015 02:14
      please make more episodes! Love watching you guys! Also when will trimming butt plug be available?
    • jimmy: June 02, 2015 00:57
      I am also interested if the rimming butt plug will be sold? Please respond!
    • If: September 08, 2015 01:45
      Call me a fourth for wanting to know when the rimming butt plug is going to be available! That seemed like a cool idea. :)
    • Yvette: September 13, 2015 07:52
      I'm also interested in the rimming buttplug, let me know when that comes out!
    • max: February 11, 2016 16:59
      Rimming butt plug? Count me in! Give me that info
    • jb: March 13, 2016 17:31
      great movie....here's a new invention idea. is there such a thing as a dildo shower head? my ex loved to use massager stream in shower but if she had some sort of extension, probably run out the water and utilities bill every month
    • Adlai Rosario: March 14, 2016 01:12
      Just a heads up to everyone that I contacted Lovehoney and they informed me that the logistics of the plug were too complicated and they will not be producing it. BUMmer.

      @JB they make those.

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