• Spreader Bar Sales Surge after Fifty Shades Darker Premiere

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    Lovehoney, the online sex toy retailer, has seen sales of spreader bars rocket after the much anticipated Fifty Shades Darker was premiered at the end of last week.

    Over the weekend prior to Valentine's Day, sales across Lovehoney's seven websites have increased by 221%.

    Alice Little, Head of Online Trading, commented:

    "We were beyond excited to see the film and we were all on tenterhooks to see what Christian was going to whip out this time round.

    The way in which the spreader bar was treated in the film was fun and unexpected.

    There's been a massive surge in spreader bar sales over the film's opening weekend, showing how much people have been inspired to add some Fifty Shades Darker magic to their own bedrooms.

    We've also seen a huge increase in nipple clamps (not as scary as they sound) and we're on course to see another spike in silver ball sales - following the Great Silver Ball Shortage of 2012 after the books were first published."

    Jess Wilde, Lovehoney's in-house bondage expert was quick off the mark to let consumers know what a spreader bar is and how to use them.

    A vlog was posted on the Lovehoney blog almost immediately after the premiere.


    Wilde commented:

    "Spreader bars are not only a restraint, but also a position enhancer which can be applied to BDSM and vanilla play alike.

    With their rigid central bar it keeps legs spread for thrilling fun.

    Whilst many couples use them for their sturdy, reliable restraint and exposure benefits, others use them for their leg-spreading benefits which stop legs slamming shut during intense stimulation.

    (Anyone who's ever gone down on a woman has probably experienced the thighs-squishing-either-side-of-your-head nutcracker-esque routine.)

    Using a spreader bar keeps legs the parted which makes accessing and stimulating erogenous areas much easier, and more pleasurable for both partners.

    A spreader bar is as much about teasing as it is about control.

    For the Top / Dom or giver, it keeps all those sweet spots in clear view and, as we all know, it's much easier to "operate" something when you can see what you're doing!

    For the bottom / sub or receiver, you can forget thinking "keep legs apart" or "don't crush their head" and just relax into the moment.

    Not only will you be receiving more accurate stimulation (and therefore better pleasure) because your lover can see what they're doing, but not thinking of other things allows you to be fully in the moment, which increases your chances of climaxing hugely.

    Not to mention the arousing feeling of being completely at their mercy.

    Spreader bars come in a variety of materials, styles and lengths to suit different levels of experience and different types of play.

    Some are adjustable, some are fixed, some come with cuffs and some don't.

    They can range in length anywhere from 12 to 38 inches in length, so if you're not a yoga pro, you might want to start at the smaller end to begin with!"

    For more information on Spreader Bars contact press@lovehoney.co.uk

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