• Sexual Happiness in the UK June 2017

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    13 June 2017 - Lovehoney has announced the results of some independent research conducted in the UK around sexual happiness, sex toy usage and attitudes towards sex.

    The research was conducted by Ragdoll, an independent research company based in the South West of England. Ragdoll surveyed 2000 people who were a mix of sex toy users and non-sex toy users and give an overall view of the opinions and attitudes towards sex and sex toys in the UK in 2017.

    Overall results

    82% of people use sex toys with a partner

    44% of people use sex toys on their own

    4% of people use sex toys with multiple partners

    93% of people see sex as a way of maintaining their wellbeing

    98% of people feel sex is good for their wellbeing

    60% of the UK admit to a fetish or kink

    75% of the UK admit to enjoying roleplay

    Do you use sex toys?

    1% - I have never used them and never will

    21% - I have never really thought about them, but I would be open to looking into them

    6% - I have not used them before, but I have been actively thinking about them

    8% - I have used them before, but I'm to planning on doing so again

    32% - I have used them in the past and I may do so again

    32% - I regularly use them and I occasionally use them Sex life & Attitudes towards sex

    78% - I have sex regularly 91% - My sex life would be better by having sex more

    39% - I struggle sexually due to medical reasons

    79% - I masturbate frequently

    89% - I have a very high sex drive

    93% - I see having sex as a way of maintaining my wellbeing

    91% - I am adventurous in my sex life

    98% - Sex is good for my wellbeing

    The Act of Sex

    48% - I enjoy anal sex

    91% - I enjoy oral sex

    97% - I enjoy penetrative sex

    83% - I am submissive sexually

    86% - I am dominant sexually

    60% - I have a fetish/kink

    75% - I enjoy role play

    Notes to Editors

    About Ragdoll Established in 2003, Ragdoll are a leading South West based market research agency specialised in providing brilliant qualitative, quantitative data for retailers.

    For more information please contact press@lovehoney.co.uk

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