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    Lovehoney, one of the world's largest sex toy retailers that aims to bring sexual happiness to all, has collated some key fun and facts on the exciting Canadian sex toy market.

    Lovehoney launched its Canadian website in June 2016 to bring sexual happiness to these shores, with the message that a fun and fulfilling sex life should be available to all.

    Throughout the year Lovehoney.ca has experienced significant growth showing Canadians' healthy appetites for sex toys, and has gathered a wealth of information specific to Canadians and their shopping habits.


    Since the June 2016 launch in Canada, www.Lovehoney.ca has sold tens of thousands products including sex toys, bondage gear, lubricants, lingerie and accessories.

    Lovehoney's future projections shows growth throughout 2017, especially as temperatures dip and consumers stay at home through the cold Canadian winters.

    The Global sex toy market has been estimated to be worth $15 billion worldwide, and is predicted to be worth £20 billion by 2020. [1]

    Lovehoney estimates the sex toy market for Canada specifically is worth $300-400million USD.

    Richard Longhurst - Lovehoney Co-Founder comments:

    "At Lovehoney we believe everyone deserves a fun and fulfilling sex life - we're on a mission to spread our sexual happiness message around the globe. Numerous surveys show that Canadians share our belief that having a great sex life is an important part of your general health and wellbeing. We'd be delighted if Lovehoney becomes as popular in Canada as it is in the UK."


    Since the site launched, Lovehoney has clocked up over 150,000 searches on the site, with these terms being indicative of what sexual activity in individual regions are interested in. 'Strap On' was a resounding number one across the country, with male/female visitor gender split almost equal.

    This suggests that Canadians are becoming increasingly more interested in the technique pegging, whereby a female wears a harness and dildo to penetrate their partner.

    Pegging has become less and less niche over the last year, (overall, Lovehoney saw a 194% increase in searches over 2015/6) with cultural references in mainstream media and TV.

    Sexiest Cities (based on number of visits/consumer interest)

    1. Toronto

    2. Calgary

    3. Montreal

    4. Vancouver

    5. Edmonton

    6. Ottawa

    7. Winnipeg

    8. Hamilton

    9. Regina

    10. Quebec City

    Top searches by city (in order of frequency of search)

    Vancouver -Strap On, Cock Ring, Inflatable, Dildo, Lubricant

    Edmonton -Strap On, Cock Ring, Glass, Latex, Pump

    Calgary -Strap On, Latex, Vibrating Panties, Lubricant, Butt Plug

    Regina -Chastity, Strap On, Extension, Cock Ring, Harness

    Winnipeg -Strap On, Dildo, Cock Ring, Sleeve, Lubricant

    Toronto -Strap On, Cock Ring, Butt Plug, Dildo, Vibrator

    Montreal -Strap On, Dildo, Cock Ring, Butt Plug, Collar

    Ottawa -Strap On, Cock Ring, Dildo, Butt Plug, Nipple


    Cyber Monday smashed Christmas in terms of sales, with Lovehoney switching up deals constantly hour by hour. The sales in the run up to Valentine's Day 2016 were steady, suggesting that Canadians are planners and carefully curate their romantic encounters. There were no last minute purchases here - shoppers bought in advance and the most popular toys were vibrating cock rings, male masturbators and clitoral vibrators.


    Anna Lee, Lovehoney's resident Canada sex toy expert notes:

    "We've found it fascinating to see that while 'strap-on' is by far the most searched term on our site, Canadians are actually shopping for vibrating cock rings, male masturbators and clitoral vibrators. Are Canadians too shy to buy? We want to let people know that strap-ons and the technique pegging is not something to be afraid of. It's pleasurable, fun, adventurous and we have a range of products to suit all tastes.

    Pegging is an incredible way of pleasuring your partner as the prostate gland, which is located around 2 inches in on the front wall of the anus, is directly linked to the penis and testicles.

    When stimulated, this can result in some seriously explosive orgasms! At Lovehoney, we have a variety of strapless strap-ons that penetrate the woman, often providing her with vibrations and incredible internal sensations.

    Also, as cock rings are also one of the top searches, we want to educate the Canadian nation about the variety out there.

    There are remote controlled ones, ones that have vibrating rabbit ears attached to them, ones that will help with premature ejaculation, stamina, double penetration, ones that are stretchy, rigid, have ticklers.....the list is endless!"

    For more information on pegging, cock rings and more, contact lovehoney@mcsaatchi.com.


    [1] ANME, cited on Forbes.com

    About Lovehoney

    Founded in 2002, Lovehoney is a multi-award winning manufacturer and distributor of pleasure products. Its focus on exceptional customer service, product innovation, and creative marketing has placed Lovehoney at the forefront of developments in the sexual wellbeing market. In 2016, Lovehoney won the Queen's Award for Enterprise - International Trade, the highest accolade in British business. For more information, please visit www.lovehoney.ca. Delivery info: Canada Post 3-5 working days $9.95 and free if you spend $49.00. DHL Canada 1-2 working days $19.95.

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