• Lovehoney's brand new Positive Vibes vibrators

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    The UK's largest online adult toy retailer Lovehoney has launched its brand new range of classic vibrators, Positive Vibes, emblazoned with fun sayings and spectrums of colour.

    Designed to boost your mood and please your own heavenly body, the four self-affirming vibrators ensure a positive, pleasurable play time. Multispeed vibrations allow you to customise your play until you find your climactic finish, and the tapered tip and smooth shaft make for easy insertion.

    The four classic vibrators are:

    Positive Vibes Good Vibes Only Classic Vibrator

    As the name suggests, this vibrator brings only the best feelings, with its on-trend ombré colours, sunny palm tree motif, and "Good Vibes Only" inscription.

    Positive Vibes Galaxy Classic Vibrator

    Why play with magic when you can fuck with it? This Positive Vibe is galaxies apart from any toy you've ever owned, and delivers such pleasure, we can safely say, you'll be seeing stars.

    Positive Vibes Rainbow Classic Vibrator

    This is no optical illusion; this vibe is the real deal. Spectrums of colour on this classic vibe and multispeed vibrations will leave you with a bigger, brighter buzz than any atmospheric phenomenon.

    Positive Vibes Vibes Before Guys Classic Vibrator

    Mates before dates. Sistas before mistas. You get the idea. With Vibes Before Guys, we're not saying ditch the dudes, but a back-up plan's always a good idea, especially when it's a playful Positive Vibe.

    Just don't forget the water-based lube to maximise those good times

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