• Lloyds partners up with Lovehoney to sell sexual pleasure products

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    Lovehoney has dipped its toe further into the mainstream market, forming a new partnership with the leading pharmaceutical retailer, Lloyds. The Queen’s Award-winning online retailer has been experiencing huge success with recent reports highlighting that turnover has surged past the £100m mark. The new retail moves from Lovehoney is another example of the expanding sex toy industry.

    The global market is expected to grow £7.5 billion by 20232 to a whopping £25.5 billion Lovehoney ventured into the retail market late last year, when it launched a range of toys in Boots, and these retail strides demonstrate that sex toys are gaining serious mainstream appeal.

    The range of toys being stocked in Lloyds, which includes rabbits, kegel balls and love rings, are aimed at all experience levels to help capitalise on the growing sexual wellness movement.

    A recent study from Lovehoney highlights the normalisation of sexual wellness with everyday physical and mental health - revealing that two-thirds of us agree that sex plays an important role in our overall happiness and three-quarters notice the links between a happy sex life and reduced stress levels.

    Lovehoney believes the growing demand for a happy sex life will see further demand for sexual wellness products. Debbie Bond, CFO at Lovehoney, comments: “It’s exciting times for the industry as we see greater acceptance of the link between sexual wellbeing and overall health. The rapid market growth - and Lovehoney’s own success - is borne out of a growing trend of customers seeking out easier access to sexual wellness products at a wider selection of Highstreet and online retailers.

    “As the sexual happiness people we’re excited to widen our reach via our new partnership with Lloyds, which will help even more people have the opportunity to lead a happy and fulfilled sex life.” The Lovehoney toys are available online now at www.lloydspharmacy.com.

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