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    The Lovehoney team has returned from LA triumphant having won Best Online Retailer - Pleasure Products at the hottest industry bash of the year.

    The XBIZ Awards honor the very best in the business of sex and the ballroom of the Westin Bonaventura Hotel in Los Angeles was packed out with the adult industry's finest.

    Adult film legend Ron Jeremy featured as master of ceremonies for the red-carpet gala.

    A star-studded affair that attracts the best-of-the-best, the XBIZ Awards are celebrating their 15th anniversary in 2017 - as is Lovehoney.

    The awards recognise outstanding achievements across every facet of the multibillion-dollar business, including movie production, pleasure products, technology and retail.

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    An impressive line-up of high profile comedy stars will take to the stage on January 21 2017 to raise vital funds for Brook, the UK’s leading sexual health and wellbeing charity for young people.


    - The new collection has been released having been approved last year

    - Fans are promised 'weapons grade' orgasms with new Bomber & Orgasmatron products featuring Motörhead's famous logo

    - The new collection featuring the Orgasmatron rockers' iconic logo has been released after 12 months as the second stage in the band's collaboration with Lovehoney

    - The first range of products quickly sold-out, and this fresh batch serve as a sexy souvenir reminder that Motörhead will eternally rock your world

    The range has been developed with Lovehoney, one of the world's biggest sex toy brands.


    - Pre-tax profit increased 68% from £3.1 million to £5.1 million

    - 29% upsurge in global sales from £45 million to £58 million

    - The global market for 'sexual wellbeing' is estimated to be worth $8 billion and predicted to reach $20 billion by 2025

    Bath, 22 November 2016: International online sex toy retailer, Lovehoney Group, has announced its 2016 business results, reporting a 68% rise in profit before tax in the last year, increasing from £3.1 million to £5.1 million. The Bath-based firm, founded in 2002, achieved an annual global turnover of £58 million, a 29% increase on 2015.

    Resources have been directed towards expansion into new international markets which has included the rollout of international websites. Lovehoney's international growth story prompted the ecommerce business' receipt of the Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2016.

    Lovehoney launched the official range of Fifty Shades of Grey - the multi-million dollar franchise - merchandise after securing the rights to do so in 2012. The launch in July 2015 prompted an international surge in sales for primarily first-time buyers of sex toys and accessories. Next year, Lovehoney will be launching two new product ranges to coincide with the release of the Fifty Shades Darker film on Valentine's Day 2017. The trailer to E.L. James' new movie attracted 114 million views within the first 24 hours of release, overtaking Star Wars: The Force Awakens' previous record.


    No more silent nights with the ultimate erotic festive gift for couples

    * Sex toy retailer Lovehoney's ultra-luxurious Big Box of Sexual Happiness is packed with sex toys, bondage gear and cheeky items worth over £240 for half the price at £120

    * Sequence of 24 gifts carefully choreographed to build up erotic tension for a mind-blowing finale on Christmas Eve;

    * Box includes a limited edition of the Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Vibrator* - voted the World's Best Vibrator by the Good Housekeeping Institute*

    A sexy Advent Calendar has been created for couples. Packed with over £240 of erotic goodies, the Big Box of Sexual Happiness is a bumper box that includes the award-winning Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Vibrator, which normally retails at £49.99 on its own.

    Lovehoney is selling the Big Box of Sexual Happiness, featuring sex toys, bondage gear and cheeky items like nipple covers for half of what the products would normally cost on their own if bought individually. The whole collection is packaged in a giant luxury box with windows numbered from 1-24 just like a normal advent calendar. Behind each door is a fun item to help couples ding dong merrily on high from December to Christmas Eve.


    Artist Trevor Murphy has told how he made £200,000 in royalties by inventing a sex toy which makes you Sqweel with pleasure!

    Trevor, 42, hit the jackpot with an invention which simulates oral sex with a rotating wheel of ten teasing tongues. He entered his design in a competition organised by sex toy retailer Lovehoney - and it quickly went into production after he won first prize.

    From Trevor's plans they created the Sqweel which has been a smash-hit all over the world - featured in movies and was even demonstrated by Jay Leno on his hit American TV show.

    Hundreds and thousands of Sqweels have been sold - and Trevor cashes in every time one is sold.

    Seduce Me

    • New survey from Lovehoney Lingerie suggests women have never been more confident in themselves and their appearance
    • Over a quarter of us are taking a sexy selfie of ourselves for our own personal viewing

    • Married couples are randier than ever with 63% taking sexy selfies for their partners

    Bath, UK: Women’s confidence in themselves have never been higher, according to new research by sex toy retailer Lovehoney.


    Almost 30% of respondents stated that they do not aspire look like celebrities in their undies, rather, they want to look like themselves. And 70% state that they buy sexy lingerie to make themselves feel fabulous, rather than anyone else.


    More and more of us are going public with our sexy shots by sharing online on public forums such as instagram - just over one in ten (11%) have posted a raunchy snap somewhere on the internet. When it comes to taking a sexy selfie, we’re doing it for ourselves - over a quarter (27%) are taking sexy snaps for their own personal satisfaction.


    Though this surge in self love does not mean partners have been left out in the cold. Seven out of ten women have taken a sexy selfie in their lingerie for their partner, showing an increasing body confidence amongst the British public. And it’s married couples that are leading the way - 63% have shared sexy lingerie snaps to get their other halves hot under the collar.


    The results were revealed in a new survey of 1,000 people by sex toy retailer Lovehoney for the launch of its new Seduce Me lingerie collection.


    Lovehoney Lingerie designer Heather Mercer said: “It great to see so many women using lingerie not only to spice up their sex lives - but also to make themselves look and feel amazing.”


    Award-winning Lovehoney Lingerie is one of the UK’s fast-growing lingerie labels with sales up more than 40% in the last year. The new Seduce Me range is their biggest yet. Shop the Seduce Me range here.

    Lovehoney is celebrating after publishing its 150,000th customer sex toy review. With the company’s own survey revealing that 88% of people read reviews in order to determine the quality of a product, there is no doubt why Lovehoney has built up the world's biggest database of sex product reviews.


    The 150,000th review was written by a UK forum member who writes under the name FunLady. She is a 45-year-old grandmother who loves trying new sex toys with her husband and gave Lovehoney’s Deluxe Magic Wand a five-star rating, saying it ‘really is magic.’ She wrote: “I knew from the minute I felt the weight of the wand and its smooth exterior that it was going to be good. This is without a doubt currently my most favourite toy.”


    FunLady, who wins 50,000 customer loyalty points allowing her to buy £100 ($173.13 AUD) of free Lovehoney product, started experimenting with sex toys with her husband  after their three children grew up and left home. She said: “Yes, nannas want a good sex life too - in fact life has only just begun. Now we have an empty house, my hubby and I have never been so adventurous! We are gradually getting every toy we can so we can play as much as possible.”


    “Winning for writing a review about a toy that is amazing has made my day,”She adds.


    Lovehoney draws on the experiences of 166,000 community members like FunLady who share their honest views of toys on its website.


    Top reviews are selected each month to win points, which can be spent on-site. Lovehoney features almost 3,000 new reviews each month - 66% of which are written by women.


    Lovehoney UK co-owner Richard Longhurst said: "We are very proud of having compiled the world’s biggest database of sex toy reviews. The bottom line is, if a product has a low rating, we won’t sell it. In this industry, customers like to know that someone else has tried a toy and, most importantly, liked it.”


    “What is great at Lovehoney is that we have 166,000 reviewers who love sharing their views on our products - that is enough people to fill ANZ Stadium twice.


    “That is a huge community of couples and single people whose sex lives have been transformed by the use of toys, bondage items and lingerie and want to share their experiences with other fans.


    “They soon tell us when a toy isn’t up to scratch, in which case we act quickly to remove it.


    “Equally, they are super-quick to pick up on a new toy which can revolutionise the whole market and become a bestseller off the back of positive reviews.


    “It is the best type of product feedback anyone could have.”


    Lovehoney collaborated with journalist Jon Millward, who specialises in data analysis around sex trends, to compile some crazy stats to mark the 150,000th review:

    • If you built a tower with all the dildos, vibrators and butt plugs that Lovehoney sell in a year, it would be 153 kilometres high - the same height as 510 Eiffel Towers;

    • Lovehoney sells enough lubricant in a year to fill 268 bathtubs (26,800 litres)

    • 120,000 penis rings are sold in a year - if these were combined into one giant ring, it would be 2.2 kilometres across - big enough to encircle the Empire State Building 20 times;

    • All the batteries sold in a year have the potential to aid 3 million orgasms or power a vibrator for 28 years


    Since Lovehoney’s first review 11 years ago, the most heavily reviewed toy has been the Lovehoney Basics Slimline Butt Plug with a staggering 1,204 reviews, closely followed by the Jessica Rabbit Vibrator (983) and the Oriental Ben Wa Jiggle Balls (967).


    Five facts about Lovehoney's sex toy reviews from Down The Rabbit Hole, Jon Millward's statistical breakdown of 1 million Lovehoney sales:

    • 66% of reviews are written by women.

    • Average review word count: women 110 words, men 100.

    • Women use 40% more exclamation marks than men.

    • Women use the word love 65% more than men

    • Men reference their partners in reviews

    • 90% more than women reference theirs.


    Lovehoney are switching their affiliate program to Webgains. We've compiled some FAQs that will hopefully answer any queries that you may have.

    Do get in touch with your affiliate manager Catherine Dunn if you have any more questions.

    What will the switch to a new affiliates platform mean for me?

    The move to Webgains means we will be able to work more directly with our Affiliates, giving you the tools, assets and promotions to help you sell.

    Why did Lovehoney switch?

    Lovehoney has grown exponentially over the last few years, with sites that now serve 7 countries and we need a platform that has global capacities. For 2017, we wanted to focus even more on exceptional customer experience and the new platform helps us deliver that.

    Why haven't I received any communication regarding the change?

    Unfortunately there was an unforeseen delay with the communication of the change. As a result we will be extending the current program until the end of November to allow our affiliate partners to manage this. We have tried to contact Affiliates personally wherever possible. Going forward, on the new platform, we will be able to contact affiliates directly. This means affiliates will hear about new products earlier and have access to marketing and creative assets. You should by now have received an email from POR about the closure.

    When is the affiliate program going to be switched over?

    The program is just closed to new affiliates but for all existing affiliates the program will continue to track as normal until 30th November. To give you time to switch over links, the current program will be in existence until the 30th November 2016 and sales will continue to track during the cookie period. In the meantime if there's anything we can do to assist with the migration please let us know. What will I need to do now in terms of links on my page? The program will be tracking as normal until 30th November. Affiliates will need to change over their links in this period. We are recommending that you sign up to the new platform, (Webgains) as soon as you can and set up your new tracking links. Once you have signed up to Webgains, the best course of action would be to then go back through your old links and make the switch over to ensure your tracking continues. We understand that this can be time-consuming, but switching to Webgains will be of significant benefit to you in the long term. Unfortunately there is no way we can do this automatically.

    What about security and the Webgains sign-up process?

    For new affiliates signing up to the new Webgains network, a phone number is required for text verification. Text verification is used to ensure that automated bots and fake affiliates can't sign up for the program. Once your application has been successful, you can edit your phone number in your details, either as a public or private phone number, or remove it altogether. These phone numbers, if you choose to add them, are only visible to merchants if you're signed up to their affiliate program once you've signed up for a Webgains affiliate account. You are able to remove any details that you do not want to be available to merchants once you have joined up to their program. Webgains will only ever contact you regarding affiliate programs you have already joined or that you have expressed an interest in joining. Webgains will fast-track the applications of any affiliates on Lovehoney's existing affiliate program and the validation of the site will be done manually by the Account Manager, Jessica Cheung at Webgains. Validation by Jess will mean the affiliate does not need to add the meta tag to their website.

    Why did Lovehoney move to Webgains?

    •Lovehoney had not undertaken any significant changes to our affiliate program for several years.

    •Lovehoney have undertaken a review of our Affiliate strategy in line with our global growth plans. We have created a sustainable program.

    •Our ongoing program will be aimed at rewarding Affiliates promoting our great quality products, with great customer reviews.

    •Lastly, we want to communicate to Affiliates more! The previous process meant that we could not talk to you directly - we want to be able to send you our latest product releases, news, award wins, PR fantastic coverage and marketing campaigns - all things that will help you promote our products.

    Why have you changed the cookie length?

    In terms of the new cookie, 30 days is the standard with most affiliate programs and in fact the majority of sales actually occur in the first 14 days after the cookie has fired.

    What happens now with commission?

    We've created a commission structure to be as attractive as possible to affiliates, with higher commission rates on Lovehoney own brand products which comprise a high proportion of affiliate sales. There is currently a promotion happening on Webgains, so the commision rates advertised are the higher introductory rates and not the default rates of the program.

    Who are my key contacts going forward?

    You can speak directly to Catherine Dunn, Affiliate Manager at Lovehoney (catherine.dunn at lovehoney dot co dot uk) or Jessica Cheung, (jcheung at webgains dot com) Account Manager at Webgains.

    Queens Award

    Bath, 26 October 2016: The Lord-Lieutenant for Somerset has officially presented Lovehoney with the Queen's Award for Enterprise for boosting international trade.

    Anne Maw handed over the coveted crystal chalice and scroll to owners Richard Longhurst and Neal Slateford at a ceremony at the award-winning sex toy retailer's Locksbrook Road headquarters on Wednesday, Oct 26.

    The Queen's Award for Enterprise is awarded to British businesses who excel at international trade, innovation or sustainable development. They are the highest official UK awards for British businesses.

    Mrs Maw said: "We are proud to have so many remarkable endeavours in Somerset. Lovehoney fulfils all the categories required to win a Queen's Award. It is brilliant to hear that you are opening new offices in Australia and America and it is all happening from Bath. It looks as though the sky's the limit for Lovehoney."

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